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        Omari Kittrell began his professional career in fitness in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Omari had been involved in fitness his whole life and wanted to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with others.   After earning an associates degree in pre-law from the University of Cincinnati, Omari shifted his focus.   He graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s Personal Training program.  Omari is Pilates mat certified, Group Synergy certified, and has certification in Silver Sneakers.  His experiences also include fitness assessment, determining, and helping to maintain, neutral alignment, writing fitness plans, and working closely with doctors/physical therapists to achieve maximum results during rehab processes. 

        Omari is very passionate about health and wellness, and has several years of personal training experience. He has worked in the private and public sectors of the fitness industry.  His clients vary in age, fitness levels, and personal goals; Omari works with a truly diverse group of individuals on a daily basis. Whether in a one-on-one session or leading a group fitness class, Omari never asks more of his clients than he is willing to do himself, often times working right alongside them or altering the training program to fulfill his client’s needs on a particular day.  Omari epitomizes personal training.
    While studying mixed martial arts, Omari began to develop a new concept in group training which integrates the focus and attention to detail of personal training into a group setting. Cardio Blast classes blend specific, individualized workouts, circuit training, and intervals into a complete fitness program for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one training.
    Outside of his work life, Omari plays tennis, golf, and is an avid reader. He is very passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, sound nutrition, and achieving overall wellness through mind, body and spirit.

        Guro Jeff Love was born and raised in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Jeff entered Engineering College at the University of Cincinnati in 1991.  Six years later in 1997 Jeff graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.  At that time he was employed full-time with General Electric Aircraft Engines graduating from the company Technical Leadership Program (TLP).  He first began working for GEAE as an intern in 1992 and continued throughout his co-operative learning education with UC.  Jeff pressed on in the field of engineering achieving a Master of Science degree in 2000 from UC specializing in Structural Mechanics.  
    After 2 years passed, Jeff began having 2nd thoughts about working in a field and for a company that was primarily profit driven.  He decided to go back to graduate school entering a 2-year Medical Physics program offered at the University of Cincinnati Medical College.  Jeff graduated with a 2nd Master of Science degree in 2004 from UC but this time it was specializing in Radiological Physics.  He was now a physicist.  Individuals with this type of training are used as a last line of defense for quality assurance of various radiation therapy techniques.  Jeff is currently residing in his home state of Ohio out of the city of Cincinnati where he lives with his wife and daughter.  It is here where he has begun ‘blending’ the different martial arts systems that include Putakti/Balintawak/Tang Soo Do into a single thought or idea of self-defense which he calls ‘Survival Instinct’.  
    Jeff started practicing martial arts in the spring of 1992.  His original interest originated from a conversation he had at the time with an off-duty policeman on strength and conditioning exercises/techniques.  He was pointed in the direction of the arts and to an excellent practitioner of the art, which happened to be a woman.  She was teaching at the Mount Auburn Community Center located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He was invited to try the class out and Jeff, never one to turn down what seemed to be somewhat of a challenge at this time in his life, entered the class.  Upon entering, his life has never been the same.  She was his first martial arts instructor and he has never forgotten her.  In this particular system color belts are used as a sign of progression.  When Jeff had achieved his 3rd gup (green) he was introduced to a skillful arnis instructor. Jeff, at that time, did not know that this was a seed that was being planted for future study.  After training for a few years Jeff began to explore other arts and began attending a weapons class that was more progressive and free-flowing.  He stayed with this teacher until being forced to leave class because of business ventures (moving out of the area).  At the time that he moved he had not achieved an equivalent rank of black in this art but wanted to.  He embarked on a self-study program of physical and mental training, being instructed from long-distance, that would allow him to achieve the appropriate level.  The result of all the hard work was the completion of the Level VII examination for QI (Qualified Instructor) which was administered in Las Vegas, Nevada by Grand Master Bobby Taboada.  
    Jeff has begun attending seminars and has been graciously asked by multiple Sokes (Grand Masters) to teach. Needless to say, Jeff has not turned them down and has dedicated himself to being the best teacher he can be.  Jeff believes that there is no ‘Try’, there is only ‘Do or Do Not’.   Currently Jeff is continuing to study the martial arts under the tutelage of Shihan Rob Jones, who trains amateur cage fighters from a system Shihan calls ‘Stone Water’, located at 6819 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Jeff has continued with the blending concept, focusing primarily on ground and mat work in order to balance the experiences of striking with those of wrestling, ju-jutsu, and submission concepts.  Jeff wanted to thank a few individuals that have been very instrumental in his martial arts progression to this point (the order of which is not important); Master Treva Adams, Master Frasier Dunn, Grand Master Jorge Penafiel, Grand Master Bobby Taboada, Grand Master Ray Rivera, Grand Master Joseph Miller, and Grand Master Thomas Gettling.  His life’s journey has been one of searching for the truth in all things and because of these people Jeff is many steps closer to understanding his’.

MA Certified Rank:
1st Degree Black – Putakti FMA System
Level VII Completion – Balintawak FMA 
Blue – Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan



        Alvin James started his fitness journey two years ago. It all started with these two sentences, "I just got to a point in my life and I needed change. I wanted to be in the best shape of my life by the age of 30.” Ironically, Alvin was already 30 years old as these thoughts crossed his mind.  He had no time to waste.  Immediately, in 2010, Alvin started MMA training with Rob Jones at F.I.T.E. He fell in love with being fit. His results started to show and friends wanted to know what he was doing.  That sparked his desire to help others get in shape.  His goal in life is to influence people in a positive way and fitness was a sure way for him to accomplish this.

    Later in 2010, Alvin enrolled in the Certified Personal Training Program at Daymar College. He completed the program and graduated Cum Laude.  He also spent a week in Las Vegas at the Professional Fitness Institute and successfully completed their Personal Training Boot Camp.  Alvin is also CPR Certified and is currently working on his NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) Certification. Alvin specializes in strength and conditioning, striking, nutrition, fitness assessment, and designing workout plans but above all that he does, 
he is most passionate about helping others.